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Optim Incorporated

64 Technology Park Road
Sturbridge, MA 01566
Toll Free: 800.225.7486
Phone: 508.347.5100 ~ Fax: 508.347.2380
Web: www.optimnet.com
Optim Incorporated, headquartered in Sturbridge, MA, provides flexible endoscopes and technical lighting solutions for industrial and medical applications that are based upon Optim’s patented LED lighting technology.Optim has 23 FDA 510(k) approvals for medical endoscopy; and, its medical endoscopes provide physicians with superior imaging for minimally invasive diagnosis and therapy while lowering the cost of healthcare delivery.Optim’s FreedomView™ Fiberscopes are setting the standard for portable, remote visual imaging in Customs, Security & Law Enforcement, Aviation, Automotive, and Power Generation applications.

Optim’s patented LED lighting solutions are rapidly moving the Company toward a leadership position in endoscopy and have created new opportunities to fill an unmet need for high intensity light delivered into remote locations.

Optim, an ISO 9001-2000, ISO 13485, EN 46001 certified, FDA registered and FDA GMP compliant manufacturing facility has ten issued patents and twenty other patents pending.